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Energy Conservation Research and Development Center, ENERTEAM in short, is proud to be the one of the leaders in energy efficiency and conservation activities in Viet Nam, since 1999.

ENERTEAM is an independent energy sustainability consulting firm actively engaged in the fields of energy and resource productivity. Established in 1995, ENERTEAM provides professional advisory services to all those who are seeking a smooth transition towards energy sustainability with focus on 4 key areas: energy conservation and efficiency, cleaner production and resource management, clean and renewables sources of energy, environment and climate protection. 

In the field of energy conservation and efficiency, ENERTEAM takes pride in being the first and foremost energy conservation and efficiency service provider in Vietnam. Besides having a team of multidisciplinary and trained young professionals, ENERTEAM has ability to mobilize experienced national and international individuals and organizations which form part of the vast resource-network nurtured over the last two decades. 

Since its establishment, ENERTEAM has remained very active in providing advisory services, on its own and in partnership with reputed international firms, to entities from the national and local government and non-governmental organizations, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, international financial institutions, individuals and groups of companies and firms. 

Short introduction about ENERTEAM broadcasted on VTV9 channel, “New energy sources for Life”.


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