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Saving energy together with Ken

The comics is the public of the project “Set up and implement demonstration of households on energy saving and energy efficiency in the province of Ba Ria Vung Tau in 2014”. The public is especially designed based on the style of comics. The scenario is built based on daily activities in one family of 3 generations, including grandfather, parents and children.

In addition, the scenario and designs mainly focus on conversations between members in one family on energy saving. By funny designs that are so appropriate to the elementary students as well as lovely conversations between characters, the message of comics is that all members in the family save electricity during daily activities, particularly for electric appliances as TV, refrigeration, fan, lamps, etc. 

Last but not least, the comics emphasizes on raising awareness of energy efficiency in the family and children play a role of a bridge among members in the family for the communication of energy efficiency.


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