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Consultant – Design (E)


1. Objective:

  • To improve efficiency, optimize the using of energy and resources right from the design, construction and selection of equipment systems of construction and production buildings. This is a really important and necessary activity for investors.
  • To optimize investment and operating cost of construction buildings and production factories.
  • To enhance the capacity of staff in factories/ buildings through consultancy on green building and energy efficiency.
  • To support in accessing to preferential loans for GREEN BUILDING, energy efficiency for factories/ buildings.
  • Especially, the current global trend is towards buildings with energy efficiency in architectural design. Therefore, how to promote the advantages of the natural environment and adapt to climate change are the top priority of the investors. Consequently, Green Building is an important and necessary target of modern constructions. For projects that needs to be certified the Lotus (Green Building, energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions building), ENERTEAM will provide technical consultancy for such projects, propose a plan to optimize the M&E system and save energy, resources from the design, construction and operation of construction buildings and production factories.
  • In addition, according to the Ministry of Construction’s regulation, all constructions must comply with the Energy Efficiency Building Code (EEBC 09:2017/BXD). Therefore, ENERTEAM will help support in complying with the Law for  new or renovated buildings.



2. How to execute?

  • Consultancy on Energy and Resources Efficiency Design is usually executed right from the project design stage, early intervention at the conceptual design to bring the highest efficiency as well as to optimize operation of energy equipment systems for construction buildings and production factories.
  • At the same time, the consultant will work closely with architectural design agencies, contractors from the beginning to propose the best methods/ solutions to bring benefits and practical value to investors.
  • Review basic designs, technical designs related to the electrical systems of the building/ factory, the dynamical and the utilities in the production/ operation process of the factory/ building (such as power stations, distribution, chiller system, ventilation – Air Conditioning system, compressed air system, boiler and lighting system, etc.
  • Identify and analyze strengths and weaknesses in design, selection of equipment using energy and installation.
  • Consult in energy efficiency systems, resources from basic design, technical design to support in selection and assessment of the electrical systems, the dynamical and utilities of the factory/ building, including calculations, analysis and evaluation of technical and resources efficiency
  • In simple words, instead of overcoming incidents/ problems and improving during the operation of construction building/factories, the consultant will propose the most optimal  measures on energy saving and efficiency early at the design phase of energy systems of construction. The sooner consultant intervene, the higher the energy/ resource efficiency is, the energy consumption controlling is easier.



3. Benefits of the service:

  • The service brings many benefits to customers, especially to investors, such as:
  • General and detailed modelling of projects right from the design stage
  • Propose the most effective solutions from energy experts
  • Offer high comfort and low energy design
  • Environmentally friendly project (Green building)


4. The service includes the following activities:

  • Design power supply system and design based on the concept of sustainability
  • Provide energy supply computational simulation studies to evaluate generally the use of energy/ resources efficiency of constructions before implementation.
  • Provide the best design to save energy cost for constructions as well as bring economic benefits to investors.
  • Provide efficient solutions for energy consumption systems/ equipment in construction buildings/ factories.
  • Compare the effectiveness between performance solutions and original designs to provide the most effective and optimal design solution



  • To achieve the main target of consultancy in Energy and Resources Efficiency Design as well as the most optimal efficiency, the Customers should contact ENERTEAM for advice, support and propose implementation plan right from the basic design of construction building.factories. At that time, the energy experts will coordinate and work with the Architects to propose the best plan to bring the highest value to the investors but still ensure compliance with the Law and  requirements related to the business plan/purpose/operation as well as the general aesthetic of the construction.
  • For buildings/factories that have been constructed and put into operation, and, there are some weaknesses/ problems related to energy use, low energy efficiency/ high energy consumption/ energy cost during operation, etc.,  at that time, the Consultant will support to propose solutions to overcome the current problem with energy efficiency integrated design/ solution to bring the best improvement solution to the existing buildings/factories.
  • For new constructions buildings/factories that want to achieve LOTUS certification, the consultancy on energy and resource efficiency right from the design stage will easily meet the evaluation/ approval criteria of the standard, shorten time for project implementation and for submitting certification as well as high efficiency implementation.


6. Some typical projects that have been carried out by ENERTEAM as follows.

No. Building type Project name Location Activity performed
1 Commercial building TRUONG SON BUILDING HCMC

Consultancy in construction checking and commissioning of energy system of the building for the LOTUS certification submission. 

2 Commercial building SPRING LIGHT CITY HCMC Consultancy in Energy Efficiency Design
3 Building Presidential Palace of Timor Leste Timor Leste Consultancy in Energy Efficiency Modelling
4 Industrial factories SAITEX FACTORY – AMATA Industrial Park Dong Nai Consultancy in Energy Efficiency Design
5 Educational building POU CHEN KINDERGARTEN Dong Nai Consultancy in Energy Efficiency Design
6 Other National Energy Efficiency Building Code (EEBC 09:2017/BXD) Ha Noi

Participate in establishing Code of building energy efficiency in Vietnam

7 Other National Energy Efficiency Building Code (EEBC 09:2017/BXD) Ha Noi Promote the implementation of EEBC: 09:2017/BXD




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