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LOAD MANAGEMENT is the management of purchased energy in an economical and efficient way to reduce production costs and improve competitiveness. LOAD MANAGEMENT helps enterprises have an overview of the current situation of energy use in factories, etc.  to well know about the energy consumption of facilities/utilities in order to properly balance production stages. In addition, actually much enterprises in Vietnam do not much care about this issue.

However, this is one of solutions that contributes much into reduction of energy cost currently. According to current socio-economic development, the trend of increasing ELECTRICITY PRICE is inevitable. In addition, the natural resources as fossil energy have been gradually exhausted and are not almost renewable. Meanwhile, the cost of labor and raw materials, the purchase of new equipment for electricity production is increasing, so the increase in electricity prices is inevitable. For that reason, the 3-PRICE ELECTRICITY mechanism was born to ensure that the electricity production was balanced at all times between supply and demand.

Electricity consumers in production enterprise (joining the project)

At present, the 3-PRICE TARIFF has been applied for production and services business in Vietnam. 

Ref. of 3-price tariff in 2019

However, the most important issue that we’d like to pay attention to is “How to optimize the electricity consumption for the minimum electricity cost with the same electricity consumption“!

Some solutions related to “LOAD MANAGEMENT – APPLY THE 3-PRICE TARIFF EFFICIENTLY” are proposed for reference as follows.

1. Change the operational schedule of the unimportant and discontinuous load into the OFF-PEAK period 

  • Adjust the operational schedule of special equipment with high load 
  • Planning to change production shift accordingly

2. Disconnect NON-NEED loads during the PEAK period

3. Put the generator in operation separately during the PEAK period

For this case, it’s essential to consider the calculation of operational cost of the generator as well as make the comparison with purchased electricity cost.

4. Put the air conditioning system and water heater into operation during the OFF-PEAK period and cold heat storage

For this solution, it’s recommended to invest the heat and cold storage tanks. For new construction buildings, this is also the potential for the most appropriate investment.

Depending on specific condition and current situation of each enterprise, we should apply solutions as mentioned above in the load management as well as the 3-price tariff the most efficiently.

The solution of LOAD MANAGEMENT – Apply the 3-price tariff accordingly and efficiently was executed for the experimental testing successfully at one textile enterprise in Ha Tay province. This is one of activities performed in the project on “Improvement of the energy efficiency in Medium and Small-sized enterprises in Vietnam“, co-financing by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) via the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), some Ministries, Departments, Agencies in the country.  The Ministry of Science and Technology is the host of the this project and ENERTEAM is in charge of the Technical Consultant.

Download the technical factsheet of this project here: TFS_QLPT dien 3 gia



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