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Information – Training (E)


Based on professional ability and a team of lecturers experienced in the field of energy saving and efficiency, as well as lecturers with much experiences in energy saving and energy efficiency, presided over by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), ENERTEAM has organized many training courses on energy saving and efficiency in operating equipment periodically for all trainees in the whole country.

1.Training objectives:

  • Support enterprises in complying with the Law (Law on energy saving and energy efficiency – Law 50/2010/ QH12 – Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) prescribing the energy managers at intensive energy users must have the “Energy Manager” certificate licensed by the MOIT.
  • Help enterprises improve energy efficiency in production/ business through training staff/team in charge of energy saving at factories.
  • Supplement and improve professional knowledge for trainees through training curriculum as well as sharing practical experience of lecturers.

2.Training method:

Training theoretical expertise in place, specifically:

  • The training courses are designed according to the requirements of the training agenda of the MOIT or built according to specific request of each enterprise.
  • Depend on each course, the training period is different and the content of the training agenda will focus on a number of specific professional topics.

3.Place and time for training:

  • Every Quarter or upon request of Clients/ Partners/ Projects
  • In-house training (at enterprises) (for courses designed based on specific requests)
  • Training at ENERTEAM Office (public training courses for all participants in the whole country.


  • A team of lecturers who have been professionally trained to teach topics as required by the MOIT
  • Deeply trained in the cooperation training program between JICA and the MOIT (in Japan and Vietnam
  • Lecturers with much practical experience and high technical expertise from ENERTEAM and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
  • Wholeheartedly teaching and enthusiastically supporting trainees

5.Training fee:

  • Each training course will have different fees depending on the individual training program.
  • After discussing with Enterprises, ENERTEAM will design the most appropriate and effective training programs for them. Each program will have its specific quotation.
  • For public training courses as required by the MOIT opening to all participants, the training fee will be same as prescribed.

Specific training courses organized periodically by ENERTEAM include:

1 Training on “Efficient energy management and energy using” in enterprises
2 Training on “Setting up energy management system (EnMS)”
3 Training on “Energy Manager” according to required programs of MOIT
4 Training on “Energy Auditor” according to required programs of the MOIT



Some remarkable training courses taken place by ENERTEAM in collaboration with local partners as as follows.

Training course Partners/ Clients
Energy Manager Energy Conservation Centers of Can Tho, Tien Giang, Dong Thap, Vung Tau Industrial Promotion Center, PRET (HCMC), etc.
Energy Auditor PRET (HCM)
Water Saving and Operation of Wastewater treatment System Lac Ty 2 Co., Ltd (Hau Giang)
Operating Pump system Effectively Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited – Vietnam Oil and Gas Group

Technical specifications of valves in petroleum technology and application

Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited – Vietnam Oil and Gas Group
Energy saving and efficiency in Operation and management of Steam System Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited – Vietnam Oil and Gas Group
Training on Energy Saving Dak Lak Industrial Promotion Center
Training on “Setting up energy management systems for many factories in a number of industries/ sectors: animal feed processing, textile, cement, paper, plastic, packaging, food processing, buildings (Hotel, University), etc
  • Ton Dong A Joint Stock Company (Binh Duong)
  • Times Square Hotel (HCMC)
  • Ha Tien 1 Cement Joint Stock Company
  • Kien Luong Cement Factory
  • Cam Ranh Grinding Station
  • Phu Huu Grinding Station
  • Binh Phuoc Cement Factory
  • Liksin Corporation – Liksin Packaging Enterprise
  • AJINOMOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd (Dong Nai)
  • Dinsen Vietnam Co., Ltd (Cu Chi)
  • Chin Hsin Viet Nam Co., Ltd.
  • Saigon Paper Joint Stock Company (Saigon – My Xuan)
  • Van Don Plastic Joint Stock Company
  • Bac Giang Cement Joint Stock Company
  • Tra Bac Joint Stock Company
  • Tra Vinh University
  • C.P. Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company (C.P. Can Tho, Ben Tra, Bau Xeo)
  • Jia Hsin Co., Ltd.
  • Dinsen Vietnam Co., Ltd.



For any questions or requests related to Training services, please contact the Training Department for further information and consultancy:

Ms. Phuong

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0986 587 946 / 028.393.2393

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