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The FEASIBILITY STUDY is conducted to determine the likelihood of an idea’s success – proving that it is a technically feasible project as well as ensuring project financial suitability. Therefore, the Feasibility Study will help us easily to determine whether the project could be invested.

Technical analysis is the premise for conducting economic and financial analysis of investment projects. The main purpose of the technical research of a project is to identify technology and production process to optimise production activities and make the best suitable to existing conditions while ensure requirements for quality and quantity of products. Projects that are not technically feasible must be removed to avoid losses for investment and to execute the result of investment later.



However, depending on each project, which technical issues need to be studied, identified and emphasised more than the other issues. The bigger the project is, the more complex the problems are, the more project information needs to be processed  and they are all interrelated. In addition, the order of issues priority in feasibility study is not as the same order as when proposing a project.

TECHNICAL analysis includes these followings:


Besides that, FINANCIAL analysis aims to:

In addition, to conduct feasibility study, we also have to analyze the Socio-Economic Efficiency of that Project. Not all high profitability projects can make good effects on the overall development of economy and society. Therefore, we need to evaluate what the impact of project to the overall socio-economic development goal are. This is an important and decisive role for the authorities to approve the project investment.

Some typical FEASIBILITY STUDIES that ENERTEAM has conducted during the last time:



Sponsor / Partner



Replacement of High MLR washing machines with Low MLR washing machines at TCE Vina Denim

  • Target
  • IFC (International Finance Corporation)



Installation of caustic recovery plant at TCE Vina Denim

  • Target
  • IFC



Installation of rainwater harvesting system at Viet Pan Pacific Factory, Thanh Hoa Province

  • Target
  • IFC (International Finance Corporation)



Optimize the boiler blowdown and the fuel combustion mode for steam boilers and thermopacs at TCE Denim factory, Nam Dinh Province

  • Target
  • IFC



Feasibility Study on Solar on the IFC building roof top

  • IFC

2018 – 2019


Pre-feasibility study on the cogeneration (CHP) in the aquatic products processing industry in Vietnam

  • GIZ
  • Full Advantages (Thailand)
  • Phu Cuong Group



Pre-Feasibility Study for Combined Heat and Power Project (CHP in Vietnam) – two sugar mills in Hau Giang province

–       GIZ Vietnam funds Pre F/S for Phung Hiep sugar mill

–     Global Green Growth Institute funds Pre F/S for Vi Thanh sugar mill

  • GIZ Vietnam
  • Global Green Growth Institute



Feasibility study in projects duplication of electricity supplied from rice husk at Sambour (Cambodia)

FONDEM and FACT Foundation (France)



Building the 4-chamber burning kiln with rice husk gasification system

  • Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
  • Tan Mai Ceramics Co., Ltd.


10 Feasibility study on “enhancing support in the whole plan for climate change reduction in Peru and Vietnam”
  • Greenstream Network Plc (Finland)


11 Feasibility study on a power plant supplied from rice husk in Can Tho city funded by Netherland Government, the project technical consultancy by ENERTEAM in collaboration with ICE BV, TOPEC BV and Can Tho DOIT
  • Netherland Government
  • ICE BV, TOPEC BV and Can Tho DOIT


12 Feasibility on Electricity Supply for Nha Trang Islands in Khanh Hoa province”, executive collaboration with the Tran Associates LLC (USA), a part of MoI on-going activitity under the Global Environment Facility Grant (GEF) on “Electricity supply efficiency improvement, privatization and renewable energy project”
  • Global Environment Facility Grant (GEF)
  • Tran Associates LLC (USA)


13 Conceptual Level Feasibility Study for The Development of Rice-Husk Power Plants In The Mekong Delta Area” funded by the European Community, in collaboration by Bronze Oak Limited (England)
  • European Community
  • Bronze Oak (England)


14 Pre-feasibility study on a cogeneration project in Nhon Trach Industrial Park – Dong Nai Province, submitted to COGEN3 program, Asian Institute of Technology (Bangkok – Thailand). 
  • COGEN3 program
  • Asian Institute of Technology (Bangkok – Thailand)



In summary, the Feasibility Study takes a very important in the success of project investment. Hence, in order to achieve the highest efficiency if possible, we should carry out the Feasibility Study in advance to identify whether to do the investment as well as to restrict as maximum as possible the investment as well.


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